Merck Sharpe Dome, Brinny Co. Cork. (Schering Plough)

  • Job: MSD Industrial Installations


MSD Ireland currently operate 6 sites within the Republic Of Ireland. MSD Brinny specialises in the fermentation, purification and sterile filling of biotech products which are exported to 90 countries worldwide.

Kiernan Electrical currently work on the MSD Brinny site completing project work, Kiernan Electrical have had a presence on the since 2006. Kiernan Electrical have completed a number of projects on this site.


MSD OPS2 Airlocks Upgrade Project:

In 2015 Kiernan Electrical completed the OPS2 Airlocks Upgrade Project which was designed to upgrade the existing clean room facility of OPS2 to allow MSD to enter into the production of Merck Sharpe and Dohme's landmark cancer treatment Keytruda.

Kiernan Electricals’ work included the installation and completion of Grade A, B & C Sterile Cleanrooms, Personnel Airlocks, Vial wash, Capper room, Parts prep and Compounding areas within the OPS 2 building. A full overhaul and install of OPS 2 existing Water For Injection was also undertaken and completed by Kiernan Electrical during the project.

The OPS2 Project included the installation, testing and commissioning of HVAC, Instrumentation, Over-all power, Lighting systems, Lightning protection, Grade A Fan Filter units, Cleanroom APMS system and a wide range of site communication interfaces.


MSD OPS1 2020 Compliance, Sustainability and Capacity Project:

This project was designed to meet the particular requirements of the MSD, Brinny plant for the clean room installation for the sterile upgrade project forming the OPS1 2020 Compliance, Sustainability and Capacity Project. The facility consisted of Garde A to D sterile clean room and associated sterile equipment such as vial wash, capper machine, Grade A Fan Filter Units with a number of new HVAC Air Handling Units attached to the project.

Kiernan Electrical completed the project in 2016 which included Automation, Instrumentation, full plant-room install along with a new MCC room to facilitate the project and buildings requirements.


MSD Plant  V114 Project Building 8-

The project objective was to convert the existing shell space of building 8 to a Grade C clean room space to Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) compatibility. As part of the new DMSO process within the building existing rooms were also modified to suit the process needs along with new WFI (Water for Injection) process installation for the manufacture of the V114 product within building 8.

During the project Kiernan Electrical installed and commissioned vital process equipment such as Lyophilisers LYO1 & LYO2, both I.S mobile and ATEX fixed vessel skids, new fixed and mobile TCU's, fixed plant Chiller unit, Gloveboxes and Bio safety cabinets. To facilitate the new building layout new Air Handling Units were installed in a new plant room purposely built for the project controlled via a new BMS controlled installation all carried out by Kiernan Electrical.
The project included gas detection systems, HVAC, Fridge control units, Motor Control Centers, Clean room door automation, ELV and LV distribution all installed new with certain alterations and tie ins to the existing plants various safety systems.

The project was completed successfully in January 2017 with over 25,000 Kiernan Electrical man hours over a 16 week program with an excellent safety record.

Kiernan Electrical have adopted a lean management systems via a Last planner scheduling tool  since 2013 on the MSD site which has ensured all our projects have been completed on schedule.