Fire Protection

Kiernan Electrical are experienced in the installations of many fire protection systems including:

  1. Conventional
  2. Analogue Systems
  3. FM 200 Systems

For many years now Kiernan Elelctrical have been involved in the installation, testing & commissioning of fire allarm systems. We have worked with all types of fire alarm systems.

Kiernan Eletrical personnel are experienced in the use of many different types of fire alarm cables including:

  1. MICC (Pyro) Cable
  2. FP200 Fire Rated Cable
  3. FP400 Fire Rated Cable

Kiernan Electrical personnel are familir with the requrements for fire alarm installations as indciated by the IS 3217. We work closely with deisgnated Fire Alarm companies in every installation we are involved and have built up a good working relationship with many of the Fire alarm companies in the Munster region.